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posting refers to creating an entry on the wiki.

Posting a Review

To post a review on Breakfast and Coffee, first create a h-review on your personal website. This review should include:

  • the name of the eatery you are reviewing
  • a star rating between 1 and 5
  • optionally, a description of the place you are reviewing

Please include the name of the city where the eatery is located in the title of your review. This helps disambiguate between eateries that share the same name.

You may also embed a h-geo object into your review with the latitude and longitude of the eatery you are reviewing. This will be turned into a special box with an OpenStreetMap map for the eatery. This only happens if you are creating a review for an eatery that does not yet exist on this website.

Once you have posted your review on your personal website, send a Webmention to The wiki will thenn take your review and turn it into a wiki page or add it to an existing wiki page.

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