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You can submit a post to Breakfast and Coffee by creating a new article on the wiki web page or by publishing a wiki entry on your own site and syndicating your post to the wiki using Webmentions.

Submit a post through the wiki

First, you will need to create an account on the Breakfast and Coffee wiki. You can do so by clicking the "Log in" button in the top right-hand corner of any page on the wiki. This log in button will prompt you to log into the wiki using a service called This service will ask for your domain name and sign you in using IndieAuth. To sign in, you will need a domain name that is configured to use IndieAuth.

For more information on how to get started with IndieAuth, refer to the IndieAuth tutorial on the IndieWeb wiki.

Once you are signed in, ask yourself whether the page you want to create is relevant to the wiki. Relevant pages include category pages for a particular location, a page that covers an eatery or a coffee shop, or an informational page that those who are looking for eateries or coffee shops to visit might find useful.

If your page is relevant, great! You're next step is to create the page you want to add to the wiki.

Next, search for a page in the search bar. If the page doesn't already exist, you should be prompted to create the page.

When you create a page, please make sure you:

  1. Mention the topic of the page in the first sentence of your writing.
  2. Add at least two sentences about the topic.

Once you have saved your page, it will be public on the wiki and anyone will be able to contribute to it.

Submit a post using your own website

You can submit a post to Breakfast and Coffee using your own website.

To do so, first create an article on your website with the post you want to publish. Your article must be marked up using the h-entry microformat. To learn more about this microformat, check out the h-entry page on the IndieWeb wiki.

When you are writing an article, include a link to This link should have the class u-syndication so that Breakfast and Coffee knows you want to publish your article on the wiki.

Here is an example u-syndication link:

Syndicated to <a href="" class="u-syndication">Breakfast and Coffee</a>.

Next, send a webmention to the wiki (if your website does not already do this automatically). When your webmention is sent, your new wiki entry will show up shortly after. You can manually send a webmention to the wiki using the public submission tool.

If you are editing an existing post, please copy the entire post in its current form to your website, make updates on your site, and submit the revised addition. If you do not copy the post to your site before making edits, your new page will overwrite the existing one.

Syndicated to Breakfast and Coffee.

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