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Lowdown Coffee is a speciality coffee shop situated in the heart of Edinburgh, a common recommendation among speciality coffee enthustiasts in the city.

Lowdown Coffee

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Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Offers Indoor Seating? yes
Address 40 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LE

About Lowdown Coffee

Lowdown is one of the most well-known speciality coffee shops in Edinburgh. Its cafe has a minimalist style, inspired by Japanese design, and has invested a lot of time curating their coffee and food menu. Lowdown is the perfect place to grab a delicious coffee and has many breakfast, brunch, and lunch food options that are available throughout the day.

Approach to Speciality Coffee

Lowdown Coffee sources coffee from roasters across Scotland, the United Kingdom and Europe. Roasters commonly seen in their offerings include Hundred House Coffee, Manhattan Coffee Roasters, Obadiah Coffee, and more.

Lowdown takes pride in highlighting special coffees, where "special" can refer to any unique characteristic about the coffee. This is clear from their meticulously-crafted menu and the detailed information baristas are able to provide about the coffees they serve.

Community Recommendations

  • Coffeeshop.jpg capjamesg recommends Lowdown to anyone who is visiting Edinburgh. He has had many positive interactions at Lowdown and aims to stop by most times he is visting the city.
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Facts About Lowdown

  • Offers retail coffee on a shelf right next to their ordering counter.
  • Is a relatively small coffee shop so probably not the ideal place to work for the day if you're a remote worker.
  • The coffee preparation area is in the main room and is not behind a bar. This means you can see everything going on when coffee is made from most of the indoor seats.

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