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Cheapshot Coffee is a takeaway coffee business that operates from a former police box on Marshall Street, a one minute walk away from the University of Edinburgh's Informatics Student Services building.

About Cheapshot Coffee

Cheapshot Coffee, often called Cheapshot, is one of a few cafes in the City of Edinburgh that operate out of police boxes. The police box has enough room to hold the equipment necessary to make coffee and has space to prepare beverages but cannot and does not offer any seating. The stand specialises in coffee, with all drinks on their main menu (e.g. cappuccino, latte, flat white) priced at an affordable two pounds.

Despite the low price, Cheapshot is well-known in Edinburgh for the quality of its coffee. also, Cheapshot is known throughout the city for the community that has formed around the police box.

Approach to Speciality Coffee

Cheapshot sources its beans from Edinburgh roasters. In the past, Cheapshot has served beans from Williams and Johnson and Fortitude Coffee, among other local roasters. Cheapshot has also worked with local roaster Cairngorm Coffee in the past to sell their own coffee. This was a limited offering that is not always available.

Community Recommendations

  • capjamesg has stopped by Cheapshot while in Edinburgh. He loves the quirkiness of the stand, its story, and the quality of the coffee from the stand. He intends to go back on a future visit to the city.
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Facts About Cheapshot

  • Cheapshot ran a podcast called Cheaptalk during lockdown where the operator chatted with some of the regular customers who visited the police box cafe.
  • Cheapshot Coffee is active on Instagram at @cheapshotcof
  • Cheapshot offers buns and baked goods on some days of the week, usually Fridays.

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